The Book of Wonder

“The Book of Wonder” is a visual story, authored by Magdalena Franczuk. The book is about the adventures and experiences of Franciszek Leon Madaleyski – a forgotten eccentric traveller living in 19th and 20th century who was interested in, as he termed, “spiritually peculiar” phenomena. Each of the “Book” his person is brought to our minds. Who is this enigmatic writer and traveller? Is he a mysterious character from a bygone age, or an alter ego of the author? The answer can be found within the “Book”.

“The Book of Wonder” is an authorial project executed with a stirring panache. It consists of ten chapters, with vivid photographs and candid descriptions contained within each. The photography shots, polished in every detail, are projects which involved many experts (among others: Magdalena Koleśnik, Marcin Czarnik, Adam Fidusiewicz, Lesław Żurek, Orina Krajewska, Mirosław Jękota, Marianna Zydek), as well as the scene designers, production managers, make-up girls, hairdressers, assistants and more.

There was over one hundred people involved in the project ”The Book of Wonder”.

The concept, direction of photography shots, photographs, collages, choice of texts: Magdalena Franczuk
Graphic design of the book: Bartłomiej Talaga
Scene designer: Barbara Ferlak
Management of production: Wojciech Rodak, Tomasz W. Michałowski
As Victoria appearing in many chapters: Anna-Maria Jarosik