Publishing company

KUNST.CAMERA publishing company handles the creation and promotion of books which transcend the standard limitations of literature, and enter new domains through fusion with the abstract, and sometimes ethereal graphics that partner the text.

Our publications are collector’s editions, with only a limited number published to print. KUNST.CAMERA’s books must be both read and watched- they are not photograph albums nor classic novel publications; neither movies, nor photos; neither comic books, nor silent movies. These books are something else entirely. Between past and present; between text and image. Paradoxically, it is an example of a book for the modern 21st century reader who yearns for more than black and white text, who desires stimulation and surprise.

A book, a thing – not media, nor projection, nor ephemeral formation (we foresee the future creation of further elements in multimedia or performative forms, but these will be in addition to the existing projects). The basic result for us is a thing which starts to take on its own existence. It will be transferred from one hand the next, preserving heirlooms from each subsequent use. It will have its own smell and texture. With passing time, it will contain more and more hints of the reader’s aura. Due to this, every copy will be an individual, intimate, yet familiar entity. Communion with this being will not require any other object or device. And thanks to the collector’s contributions, our publications will become more precious as the time goes by.

Publications are prepared in two language versions – Polish and English. We sell our books all over the European Union.

Our publishing company consists of two sections. One of which is “feature books”, a section devoted to publications of a larger size. The formation of these consumes a lot of time and energy as they take the shape of photo-film projects, each like full-length movie productions conveyed in the medium of a book. “Cabinet editions” on the other hand are smaller in scale, and presented as pocket-sized publications, which are composed of vibrant photographical projects.

The profit gained from book sales, together with accessories (bags, posters), bolsters the foundation’s budget through which we can create more new books, and organize exhibitions and other artistic educational projects inspired by Young Poland and the interwar period’s works.