Our team

Magdalena Franczuk

The chairman and the founder of KUNST.CAMERA Foundation, a photographer, a director, a curator and researcher of Young Poland and the interwar period. She is a graduate of the Photography Faculty on TV Realisation and Cinematography Departament of Leon Schiller’s PWSFTviT in Łódź. She was awarded with a scholarship by the Minister of Art and Heritage in 2015, she is a finalist of “Creative Valey, that is, what is young art looking for” organised by TVP Kultura, she is also a finalist of Slideluck Warsaw in Warsaw Photo Days 2015. The premiere of her project “The Book of Wonder” took place in the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw within PKO Project Room (an individual exhibition in April of 2016), and then was presented during many festivals and exhibitions in Poland and abroad (Photo Collect Copenhagen 2016, Festival Circulations 2016 in Paris, Contexts Festival in Sokolowsko “An eye never sleeps” Festival in Lubostron etc.) She attended many individual exhibitions (among others, International Interphoto Festival in Bialystok, OFFoto Festival in Opole, Fotofestival in Łódź) and corporate exhibitions (among others, Copenhagen Photo Festival, TIFF Festival in Wroclaw, Most/Die Bruecke International Art Festival in Slubice and in Frankfurt on the Oder).
In KUNST.CAMERA she is responsible for substantive, artistic and organising.

Agnieszka Wąsik

A graduate of Photography in Polish Film School. Aside for photography, she is fascinated by graphic design and painting. Her works were presented during exhibitions in Tibilsi, Brussels, Warsaw and Berlin. She is a laureate of the Kolga Photo Award 2015 in Conteptual Photo category, and a Laureate of DEBUTS 2014.

Wojciech Rodak

A student of the Film Art Organisation Department in Film School in Łódź. A production manager with artistic aspirations who is the creator of many diverse and interesting projects, for example short fiction films, factual films and animations. He cooperated with the organisation of many festivals, such as T-mobile New Horizons, Off Camera, and Fashion Week Poland, and worked with the Polish Film Institute in projects for young people. In the KUNST.CAMERA Foundation he is responsible for production and organising.

Katarzyna Pergoł

Born in 1992 in Wroclaw, Poland. From a young age she’s been fascinated with theater and visual arts. She constantly pursues her passions of acting and dancing by taking part in various workshops. She is a german language student with acting and directing verwe.
She has directed serveral plays in the alternative theater in Wroclaw, she creates short films and produces photoshoots. She has already worked on the flm and photo sets, where she performed in front of the camera or worked as a director’s assistant, production manager and a plan manager. She was also engaged as an animator of the culture, working with various institutions, moreover she coordinated the promotion and organization of a series of different events. Currently she is works as the creative director at KEEPKEEP Digital Studio, who are responsible for the creation of promotional materials and the website of KUNST.CAMERA.
In the KUNST.CAMERA Foundation she is one of the production managers in the SALAMANDRA project, she was a model in the foundation’s photoshoots as well as she was also involved in a previous publication “The Book of Wonder”.

Marta Banach

A lawyer who specializes in property rights, particularly in author’s right and new media rights. She deals with film production in its formal and legal aspects, and media activity on the Internet. In her free time she is a cinephile and frequenter of many different film festivals. Her role within KUNST.CAMERA infuses both her profession and passion, which makes her activity with the artistic industry a lot more rewarding. She willingly engages in projects involving culture and art which she supports with her technical knowledge.

Aleksandra Złotocha

In love in translating poetry and prose, as well as English language teaching to children and adults. She prides herself on her ability to allow her learners believe in their language skills. She is graduate of English Philology and Philosophy in University of Łódź. In cooperation with Alun Davies, she translated “The Book of Wonder” into English. She works in language school GoLondon in Łódź.

Alun Davies

A British linguist and traveller, Alun recently settled down in the Polish city of Łódź, where he was collaborating with Aleksandra Złotocha on the translation of “The Book of Wonder” from Polish to English. While he is exceedingly, and perhaps even overly proud of the sentences he is able to exchange with the cashier during his weekly food shopping, his role within KUNST.CAMERA is primarily focused on ensuring the English version is fit for print. Alun is a Bachelor of English Language from Aston University, and considers “The Book of Wonder” the be one of the most enchanting and captivating projects he has worked on to date.