„It is better to finish in beautiful madness than in grey, banal, impotence”
Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz


The KUNST.CAMERA foundation was established in November of 2016 by photographer and director, Magdalena Franczuk, in the city of Krakow. The objective of the foundation is to promote Polish culture and art across the country and abroad. The artistic traditions of Young Poland and the interwar period are particularly important for us. Our task is to revitalize, and present it in a new, modern-day form.

KUNST.CAMERA supports contemporary artistic activities too which also subtly derive from the same sources – Young Poland and the interwar period.

The name “KUNST.CAMERA” is a blend of German word “die Kunstkammer”, meaning “the cabinet of wonder”, and the word “camera”, meaning camera or film camera, although the etymology of these words goes even further (German: die Kunst – art, Greek: camera – a room with a vault, a chamber).
According to these etymological sources, the KUNST.CAMERA is a peculiar artistic space for eccentric and individual initiatives.

KUNST.CAMERA’s activities are intended to have original character which relates to, amongst other elements, the discovery of little-known literary texts, atypical multimedia activities, and the creation of hybrid forms, floating between literature and visual arts. The promotion of these activities will include events such as exhibitions, screenings, meetings, lectures and activity on the Internet. Our foundation is open for all unconventional ideas and initiatives, artists, penmen, theorists and researchers.

KUNST.CAMERA’s aim is to create in a pulsating, spiritual atmosphere, and a positive madness in defiance of contemporary pragmatism and materialistic concepts. The foundation is apolitical and not bound to any faith.